The term Brahmacharya is made up of two words ‘Brahman’ means the Universe and ‘Charya’ means the lifestyle. The Universe is the ultimate or the divine power of all creation. One who is in the path of the ultimate is Brahmachari. Knowingly or unknowingly we all are in the search of joy.

In whatever way we have experienced joy in our life, we want to experience more of it again and again. Nobody on earth can restrict himself from experiencing the joyfulness. But because humans could not find joy, they somehow settled for pleasure. The one thing we all must fit into our minds is that pleasure is not joy. It is just a small form or limited part of a large picture.

Whenever we humans involve in acts of pleasure we need something or somebody to experience it. The deeper we seek pleasure the more dependency grows to that something or somebody. The present condition of the world is the same.

If things humans find pleasure from or people they involve are taken away, they feel broken, helpless, and futile. That means our existence would now depend on things or other people. That’s bondage. Nobody on this earth nor even animals cannot find joy in bondage. Our Inner being always wants freedom from all kinds of bondages.

” If you become a pleasure seeker, naturally you are setting up limitations in such a pleasant way that you cannot transcend it. Unpleasant limitations can be broken but pleasant limitations cannot be broken. ” :- Sadhguru

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

The Joy Within

The first step towards the path of the Ultimate is that you are joyful on your own. You create joy for yourself and not things or other people. When we are joyful, it sets us free. We no longer think about what’s happening around, we forget what to eat and all that because we are in a state of pure joy. Joy is the ultimate freedom. So the most important thing for all of us is to seek joy.

Not outside but within ourselves. The source of joy is inside. If you’ll search outside you’ll become the pleasure seeker. You do not need the outside stimulus to feel happiness. So the Brahmachari is the one who is the creator of his joy within. Every Brahamchari is working towards attaining the goal of becoming joyful on his own.

Beyond Celibacy

Brahmacharya does not mean just celibacy. These are two different things. Many people think that how and why people restrict themselves from bodily pleasures. It is just a hormonal balance that anyone can achieve. One can be married and still be a Brahmachari, as you are not seeking joy from your partner. All the world can be a Brahmachari.

Two people once married can share joy instead of expecting it from each other. Abstaining from sexual activities is just used as a supportive system to become Brahmachari. Brahmacharya means that you are ecstatic by nature.

The Brahmacharya Lifestyle

The Positive Information

The first and foremost thing that every Brahmachari follows is avoiding lustful thoughts. Abstaining from sexual activities because it would be more of becoming a pleasure seeker. This infinite life is more than just a body. Every human is more than this body and therefore should not only focus on bodily pleasures.

Otherwise, there will be no difference between us and animals. Animals have specific goals of survival that are finding food to survive and mating to produce more of their kind for the survival of their species.

  • How one can achieve this is through the source of information of such kind. Avoiding all the practices through which such lustful thoughts arise in our minds. Because information is the source of our thoughts. See, listen, and speak everything pure. Pure in the sense that it is energizing, meaningful, and worth sharing with everyone.
  • Avoid watching obscene content from movies, internet, newspapers, etc.
  • Avoid reading books related to lust, sexual fantasies, etc.
  • Avoid the company of people who engage in such activities or ask you to do so.
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The Food for thought

We all must have heard about the famous Indian proverb:

 “Jaisa Ann waisa Mann”. That is “Like Food, Like Mind”.

Have you ever questioned why Food here is related to our minds and not bodies?

Whatever food we eat itself has a vibration in it. This energy or vibration comes from the environment, the one who cooks, and the place where this food is being cooked. Therefore the food that you take should be Satvik food. That is full of positive energy.

  • Avoid or stop eating non-veg food as it has the least energy. It is just like eating the dead.
  • Avoid eating spicy food, junk food, alcohol, tobacco, etc.
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits, fresh veggies, milk, and grains.
  • Drink water according to your body’s need to remain hydrated.
Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani, Spiritual Guide and Mentor

Practice Meditation

Meditating at-least for 10 – 15 minutes in the morning is a practice that everyone could follow. With practice, time can exceed. Meditation becomes easy when you focus on positive thoughts instead of attaining zero or no thought state. Because it is not possible to attain no thought state. Thinking about something good or chanting Mantra’s related to your religious beliefs is one kind of meditation. Doing Yoga would also help.

Engage more in Positive Feeling acts.

This is to keep you away from bad thoughts and consequently from bad practices. One best way to avoid wrong acts is to not know something wrong. Learn all good things, engage with all good people, read all good books, visit spiritual places according to your religion, your choice. Keep yourself so devoted to good things that you have no time to think about something else.

Srila Prabhupada, ISKON Foundation

Avoid Close Relations with Opposite Gender until Marriage

After all, we all are human beings. We all experience this world through this body. This immortal body also has its needs that you can never deny. But yes, you can always control yourself. Become the master. Avoid engaging more with the opposite gender. Or just avoid engaging physically with any other person. Let everyone experience life as they wish and be on your own. Again it will all depend on the information you are gathering.

The Satsanga – company of the Truth

In the form of humans and things, be with the good. Meet people who are following the path of spirituality. Read Spiritual content from books and magazines. Watch or attend Holy ceremonies more and you will realize the benefit. The energy of the temples, churches, gurudwara is so strong and positive that you can feel the vibe just by paying a visit.

No Matter what

Don’t hesitate with your beliefs. No one can change you except yourself. The ultimate decision is always yours. Don’t ponder over what others are going to think. People defy everything they can’t do or don’t believe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. With so many examples, be motivated to follow the path of the ultimate and experience the joy within.

The Western Impact

Many times you could come across arguments against your beliefs. Science sometimes has logic that forces us to blindly follow. But many spiritual and scientific studies are never brought to the world because it has no market. The western countries and money-making culture sell everything profitable. Bodily urges and sexual acts are given more value. It is because this topic is always paid more attention. Even doctors and scientists have believed that the benefits of Brahmacharya are so good that one must practice it. Indian values and culture have realized it long ago and so it has a culture that promotes spirituality more than anything else.

[ This article is written after gathering information from various sources that have similar teachings and practices. Forms may differ, religion may differ, methods may differ, lifestyle and culture may differ but they all have a common goal. The goal to experience the Universal truth. ]