Corona Virus Lock-down - Zone List - YOURDEFT

The Central government has extended the nationwide lock-down till 31st May 2020. Some new rules and regulations to be followed rigourously.Now the nation is divided into five categories of corona zones. These are green zone, orange zone, red zone, containment zone and buffer zone.


Green Zone
This zone includes the districts that have no active corona positive case till date.

Orange Zone
The districts with limited number of cases in the past and less frequent cases in recent days fall into this category.

Ajmer: An artist paints graffiti on COVID-19 on a street to spread awareness, during a nationwide lockdown in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, Ajmer, Friday, May 01, 2020.

Red Zone
Red zone includes districts where number of daily corona cases are on the rise and doubling rate is high as compared to other districts. Metropolitan like Delhi and Mumbai are still in Red Zone.

Buffer Zones
Although the definition is not clear but the areas around the containment zone come under this category. These zones will have to be monitored in order to prevent the spread of disease further.

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