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It is not about a country, it is about the land of celebrations, rich cultural traditions, days of happiness and nights of joys. Rituals that binds millions of lives together.

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Spiritual place

Spiritual India, Beyond Beliefs

India, a civilization of diverse religious and cultural beliefs. Explore Beyond the Spiritual Destinations.

Ancient India

Ancient India, Beyond stories

Ancient India has various roots connected to different cultures, traditions and religons.

Heritage of India

Heritage India, Beyond history

Rich heritage inherited makes India unique.

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9 Avatars, 9 Lessons: Sharad Navaratri 2021

9 Avatars, 9 Lessons: Sharad Navaratri 2021

Every year between late September and October during the autumn season, the major Hindu festivities began with the onset of Sharadiya Navaratri or Sharad Navaratri. The term Sharad here refers to Sharad Ritu ( Autumn season ) and also to Devi...

7 foods to increase your Immunity Easily

7 foods to increase your Immunity Easily

Indian diet has always been rich in food items that not only bring different flavors and tastes but are also beneficial for health. From ancient times, the Indian diet has included spice mix, fruits, Achaar (pickles), etc that have additional...

Corona Virus Lock-down – Zone List

Corona Virus Lock-down – Zone List

The Central government has extended the nationwide lock-down till 31st May 2020. Some new rules and regulations to be followed rigourously.Now the nation is divided into five categories of corona zones. These are green zone, orange zone, red zone,...

Sutak :- Quarantining period in 21st Century

Sutak :- Quarantining period in 21st Century

At this time of life, we are learning how to stay away from each other. It is the need of the time because a disease like Corona has been spreading like a flu from one person to another at a very faster rate. As the vaccines are unavailable and...

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