Bharat is the land of rich cultural traditions with diversity in geography, climate, languages, clothing and most importantly the food people eat. As well said, “We become the food we eat”. Each and every cell of our body is made of nutrition that the food provides us. The variety one can find in Indian food is amazing. The same dish has different styles of cooking in different parts of the country and so does the taste.

In this article, we are mentioning the List of traditional Indian Food items each Indian state is famous for. Focusing on the vegetarian cuisines only as our country has a large number of vegetarian population and so does the food. Agricultural land is rich with a plant-based diet and spices that make each dish savoring.

Jammu and Kashmir – Kashmiri Cuisines

The coldest state of Jammu and Kashmir has a lot for the plate. The state has rich production Kesar, Apples, Walnuts, Almonds etc. The famous Indian food items from the region include Kashmiri Dum Aloo, Kashmiri Pulao, Lauki Yakhni or Al Yakhni, Kashmiri Biryani, Jammu Rajma and Methi Chaman. One of the famous hot beverage of the state is Kashmiri Kehwa which is made with ingredients like Kesar flowers, Almonds, Raisins etc.

The desserts include Kashmiri Lyde made with wheat flour. Kashmiri Shufta is prepared with lots of dry fruits. Other famous sweet dishes are Kesar Phirni and Sewaiyaan.

Ladakh – Cold Dessert delights

The Ladakh is cold dessert of India and has very less vegetaion as compared to Kashmir. The amount of food varieties thus are limited. The famous dishes from the state include Thukpa which is made of wheat and barley noodles with soup of mixed vegetables. The varities include thentuk, panthuk etc. Another soupy delicacy is Skyu. Chhutagi is another meal rich in nutrition. The place is also famous for bread varities like Tingmo and Khambir.

The beverages include Butter Tea and Chhang which is a type of beer. Chhurpe is a kind on dried Yak cheese used in various food items to increase the taste and flavor.

Himachal Pradesh – Himachali Recipes

Coming down to Himachal we have similar ingredients but different ways of preparation. Himachali Pulao is very similar to the Kashmiri one. Also we have special varieties like Hare Lehsan ki Sabji ( green garlic dish ), Luchke ( wheat pancakes ), Simbhal ki Sabji ( cooton flower bud dish ), Kathal Madra, Sepu Vadi, Raungi ki Dum ( Black eyed beans with spinach) etc.

The desserts include Zaffrani rice ( sweet rice ), Arsa ( sweet made of rice flour and sugar ), Pumpkin fudge known as Pethe ka mitha and Makhana mithadi ( lotus seeds dessert ). These are the famous ones in the state.

Uttarakhand – Pahadi Pasands

Uttarakhand also has a mountainous state. It is divided into Garhwali and Kumaoni population. The famous Indian food dishes of the state include Kafuli which is made from spinach and fenugreek. Another special variety is Phanu made from various lentils found in the area. Specially cooked in winters and eaten with rice. Baadi is another exotic dish from Garhwal. Chainsoo is rich in protein and prepared from black urad dal. Aaloo ke Gutke ( Potato dish ) is famous from the Kumaoni tradition. Sisunag/Kandali Saag is made from a native grass found in the region. Some other must try dishes are Dubuk, Garhwal ka Fanaah, Mandua ki Roti and Bhatt ki Churdkhani.

Desserts from the state include Singori, Jhangora ki Kheer, Gulgule and Arsa. Kumaon is also famous for Singori made from Khoya and wrapped in molu leaves. Arsa is popular wedding sweet containing Jaggery, Rice and mustard oil. Jhagora kheer is named after a local millet variety.

Punjab – Punjabi Tadkas

The Punjabi dishes have become popular over entire north India. The spicy and buttery food items have won more hearts than any other food can. The all time famous Makke di Roti and Sarson da Saag is speciality of the state. Other famous Punjabi dishes include Paneer Butter Masala, Chole Bhature, Rajma Chawal, Dal Makhani, Aaloo Ke Paranthe, Punjabi Wadi rice, Pindi Chole etc. The Rotis include all kinds of Naans, Amritsari Kulche, Phulkas, Laccha Parantha, etc.

The Indian food beverages include the Famous Lassi. In the desserts we get Atta Halwa, Suji Halwa, Rice Kheer, Gud Paare and Tosha.

Haryana – Desi Delights

Also the state is famous for its food that includes Milk and dairy products. But we also have some traditional food items specially prepared in the state. The famous Besan Masala Roti is made from Besan, Amchur and other spices and is served with Buttermilk. Bajara Aloo Roti consists of potato and Bajara flour. The side dish of dried beans named as Singri Sabzi is also famous among the locals. Other famous dishes from the state include Mix Dal, Hara Dhania cholia, Kachri ki Sabzi, Kachri chutney.

Desserts from the state are Meethe Chawal, Malpua, Alsi pinni, etc.

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