Bharat is the land of rich cultural traditions with diversity in geography, climate, languages, clothing and most importantly the food people eat. As well said, “We become the food we eat”. Each and every cell of our body is made of nutrition that the food provides us. The variety one can find in Indian food is amazing. The same dish has different styles of cooking in different parts of the country and so does the taste.

In this article, we are mentioning the List of traditional Indian Food items each Indian state is famous for. Focusing on the vegetarian cuisines only as our country has a large number of vegetarian population and so does the food. Agricultural land is rich with a plant-based diet and spices that make each dish savoring.

West Bengal

West Bengal is one of the state with a different style of cooking anything. From spices to ingredients, the way of cooking a bengali meal makes it different from the rest. Although the state is famous for its sweets and fish fries, but also has a rich varieties in vegetarian food items. Some of the best must try traditional dishes from the state are Niramish Aalur Dom, Biulir Dal, Radhaballabhi, Chal Kmro’r Bora, Dhokar Dalna, Shojne Data’r Panchmishali, Aalu Posto, Beguni, Ema Datshi, Labra Tarkari, Tomato Khejur Chutney, Aalu Sheddho, etc.

The Famous Sweet cuisines include Roshogulla, Mishti Doi, Shondesh, Payesh, Pantua, Chennar Jilipi, Patishapta, Joyonoger Moa, Shor Bhaja, Chandrapuli, Naru, etc.


Sikkim is northeastern state bordering with China, Nepal and Bhutan. The major diet of locals include rice and maize. The traditional dishes from the state are Dal Bhaat, Sael roti, Chhurpi Soup, Bamboo shoot curry, Dhindo, Gundruk, Kodo ki roti, Kinema curry etc. Dhindo is popular vegetarian dish made of ground millet, buckwheat and cornflour. Gundruk is prepared from fermented radish and cauliflower leaves. Sikkim Tea is famous for its rich flavor and available all over India.


Asamese traditional cusisines have wide variety of vegetarian dishes. Some of the popular foods from the state are Bhaat kerela pitika, Bhaat kerel pur, Kothalor Anja – jackfruit curry, Sowrai – rice meal, Sojinar Anja -drum stick curry, Kamranga Pickle, Posola Khar – fired banana stem, Jati Lau khar, Pithali- skunk vine soup, Omitar Khar – fried raw papaya, Motor mah Bokalir Chutney, Mosundori Xaakor suruha – a soup, Xoriyohor Khar chutney – mustard seeds chutney, Bok phoolor bor – fried Agati flower, Kordoi chutney, Sojina Sorosori, Stuffed potol, Paleng Boil – spinach soup etc.

Sweet dishes famous from the state are Poka mithoi, Til pitha, Xutuli Pitha, Narikol Pitha, Mohura Pitha, Tekeli Pitha, Paiox etc.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal is famous for its green leafy vegetables and rice meals. The use of bamboo as ingredient as well as utensil to cook is unique. Some of the traditional dishes from the state are steamed rice Dung Po and Kholam, Bamboo shoots, Pehak – chutney containing soya beans, Pasa – soup with rich ingredients like khumpatt leaves, ginger etc., Chura Sabji, Apong, Dropeh- buckwheat millet porridge, Aalu zika chutney, Oying – local vegetable stew, Kharzi, Koat Pitha, Bungandmo khapse etc.


Meghalaya also known as abode of clouds is rainy state of India. It is one of the state that experiences most rainfall throughout the year. The rice is staple food grown and eaten here. The three main regions of the state are Khasi hills, Garo hills and Jaintia hills. Food dishes famous from the state are Jadoh rice, Nakham bitchi – a mix vegetable soup, Pumaloi, Ja Dai, Shir Sewain, Baked Shana jheij etc.


Nagaland is home for hottest chilli in the world known as Bhoot Jolokia or ghost pepper. The interesting thing about cuisines is that they are prepared from home grown spices, herbs and other ingredients. The traditional mainly tribal dishes from the state are Hinkejvu – mix veg with local vegetables and salt, Akhuni or Axone chutney, Galho, Raja Mircha Pickle -made from ghost pepper, Nashi shi lon, Pumpkin Oambal, Akibiye – colocasia roots and mustard leaves etc.


Manipur is famous for the natural beauty of the state thus named as “Jewelled Land”. The food prepared in the homes is full of home grown vegetables, spices and rice. The traditional Manipuri recipes are Chamthong or Kangshoi – a healthy vegetable stew, Morok Metpa – green chilly chutney, Singju – Manipuri Salad, Paaknam – type of spicey pancake, Chak-hao kheer, Aalu Kangmet, Chak Angouba, Sana thongba, Kelli chana, Aalu Kangmet, Mario Nakkuppi Pakodas, Khamen Ashu=inba Athumba etc.


Mizo people are traditionally rice eaters. Some of the traditional dishes from the state are Bai- steamed vegetables including beans and ferns, Chhum Han, Hmarcha Rawt- chilli chutney, Bekang- fermented soya beans, Sanpiao, Chhanban, Aalu chop, Sawhchiar etc.


Tripura is one of the smallest north eastern state of India. The staple food of state like all other neighboring regions is rice. The famous traditional foods from the region are Bhangui- rice prepared in banana leaves, Mosdeng Serma- spicy tomato chutney, Veg Bangwi, Kosoi Bwtwi, Poda Pitha etc.

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